ProActive IT care & maintenance

We convert problems in to challenges. To solve them :)Information technology rules the world. Need a hand to cope with IT?

What we can deal with

Corporate IT environment

From initial investment analysis and planning, through setup and installation to ProActive maintenance contract for longevity of installed software and hardware. We take care for whole system stability, security, backup, disaster recovery and optimization on premises and in cloud.

WiFi wireless networks

Be it simple few access point setup, or state-of-the-art heterogenous wireless mesh, we can chew all of them. For client access, Hot-Spot setups, logistic centers and backbone high bandwidth networks.

Electrical installations and wiring

We enjoy wiring smaller office or SMB premises, installing conductors for telephone, local networks, electricity, surveillance and entertainment. AC, DC, until up to 400V, we afraid not.

UPS power supply

Management, service and setup of Uninterruptible Power Supply units is our speciality. Single or three-phase, from budget PC UPS to 100kVA+ setups. We drag them up the stairs, we connect them, you enjoy clean and hassle-free electric supply.

AntiSpam & AntiVirus protection

We run one of the largest AntiSpam protection cluster in Slovenia, taking care for hundreds of companies, their Exchange and other mail servers, providing healthy business communications now for over decade.

SafeHarbour Cloud Backup

For all contracting partners we provide secure cloud backup and archiving solution for hard-to-match price. Worth mentioning is the fact, that we were the first and only backup & archiving provider in Slovenia, who were allowed by Government Information Commissioner to deal with high secure, personal and confidential data.

What we strive for

We combine and develop tools to control and manage complete IT setup from central management point. Higher level of preventive care, practically tested disaster recovery plans and getting to know customer's needs in detail is our plan of development for the next decade. We do strive for becoming IT housekeepers, cleaners and officers, who help client rendering better results with less expenses, less outages and less effort.
By implementing ProActive care into every device, service call and installation, we try to reduce our presence on premises and control as much as possible remotely. Meaning, our responses are faster, repairs are less frequent and problems are minority exceptions.
At each new customer we get in contact with few new software vendors. We try to cooperate with all of them in constructive and productive manner, instructing them according to our best knowledge to provide flawless and stable service, even if they have some gaps in their knowledge.

We take care for over 100 companies100 servers200 UPS devices1000 computers80 copiers60 firewalls500 web sites100TB backups. Thank you for confidence!

They trust us and our services. They feel safer, work easier and are more efficient. They spend less time for solving problems and more to enjoy life.